National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Learn While You’re Having Fun at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Whoever said that taking your family out for a trip needs to be expensive? The truth is, there are a lot of places to see right here in our country – and you won’t need a lot of cash to do so.

Looking for a place to bring your kids where they can have fun while learning? Great news! The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium gives you an opportunity to see and experience on-river and underwater life like you’ve never seen or experienced it before! Plus, with all the exhibits and interactive features that they have to offer, even grown-ups are sure to have an enjoyable time too!

See What Kind of Adventure Awaits You at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

• Lizards on the Loose!
Listen up, all you lizard-lovers out there! This 2009, the museum is proud to present the exhibit “Lizards on the Loose.” So, bring your little reptilian fanatic to the Norman Changing Gallery to learn all about life as a lizard!
• Aquariums
The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium offers six aquariums where you can observe river creatures to your heart’s content. Seen a giant catfish yet? Well, here you can!
• Carver Wet Lab
Get your hands wet while shaking hands with the freshwater mussels, snails and crawfish! Okay, so maybe you can’t really shake their hands (they don’t even have hands!). But you can meet and greet them nonetheless during Carver Wet Lab’s interactive activities!
• W.M. Black
Ever wondered what it must have been like being on the deck of those old, glamorous steamers? Well, you can now walk along the decks of the old W.M. Black, a World War II vessel that used to sail on the Missouri River. How’s that for some old-world romance?

These exhibits are just some of the things waiting for you and your family at National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. For more information on fees and opening/closing time, don’t forget to check out their website. Also, check if there are available aquarium coupons so you can avail of discounts.

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